Student Applications

Thank you for your interest in applying to study with the GNM Institute for learning German New Medicine from the original source. We have updated our admission procedures to include a “pre-screening” process.

The GNM Institute is dedicated to preserving Dr. R. G. Hamer’s work and furthering German New Medicine research. Attention to detail and high moral standards create a work ethic vital for those seeking to expand their horizons to include this field of study. Ilsedora Laker, Dean and Director, is internationally recognized for “teaching excellence” and for the GNM curriculum she has developed, which was authorized by Dr. R. G. Hamer himself.

The various courses of study at the GNM Institute are rooted in traditional science. Dr. Hamer was an M.D. who specialized as an internist. The underpinnings of anatomy and physiology and scientific studies from traditional medicine are vital to understanding the totality of the GNM. High school biology and science studies are an asset if college and university courses have not been undertaken. However, there is more than scientific study required if you are to “work” in this field and are seeking more advancement than personal development and general interest training.

The rigorous clinician programs are reserved for those who are dedicated to a career focused on easing human suffering. Studying with us at the GNM Institute is contingent on several factors. LearningGNM (Germanic New Medicine) requires more than just curiosity.

The following application will help the admission department at the GNM Institute understand your reasons for choosing the GNM Institute and our various programs. Your application is a critical piece in determining your eligibility for the specific program you are interested in pursuing.

We look forward to working with you during this “pre-screening” process. Below is the “Student Application Form” for all intermediate and advanced level online and classroom studies at the GNM Institute. Once submitted, the Office of the Registrar will review your application and a member of our student support team will be in touch with you. Thank you for your interest. Please ensure all required fields are completed to expedite your application.


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    Submit with this application a 500 word essay (letter) explaining what you are planning to do with the education your receive from the GNM Institute. Where did you first learn about GNM? How will this education experience impact you? What changes do you want to see? What are you hoping to gain? Include whether you intend to get accreditation, take the exams and what you will do with that accreditation if you graduate successfully. **Note** If you are studying for personal development and general interest, please provide the reasons you have chosen German New Medicine as your study focus.