GNM Simplified “Essentials For Everyone”

Course Overview

GNM is for Everyone!  Even children can grasp it. Have you been searching the internet trying to figure out the GNM and still feel confused?

This training is for families and persons without any previous medical training.  Many health care professionals also find this gives them a solid introduction to this vast body of knowledge.

See if the following resonates:

  • Do you want a working knowledge of the GNM with straightforward, relatable explanations of the Five Biological Laws? 
  • Do you wish you could find someone to help you integrate what GNM actually means for yourself and those you love? 
  • Do you need help to connect the GNM dots?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are in the right place!

The GNM eases fear, downgrades anxiety and answers difficult questions logically. Regardless of your chosen profession or current health status you can embark on the journey of discovering GNM in day-to-day living.

Learning GNM is so much more fun when the whole family gets involved. Relationships are enriched with a deeper understanding of domestic dynamics that brings refreshing insights. You can even use GNM when caring for your pets.

Do you want the “true to source” GNM? Powerful teaching can help you decode symptoms, as well as the disease process for some serious conditions.  Get equipped with a solid foundation, living in harmony with nature everyday.

GNM Simplified®, basic training lessons, will help you to understand how the Five (5) Biological Laws work to bring healing and wholeness to your life. 

  • Get a solid footing in understanding the GNM and how it works.
  • See insights into common complaints and ailments.
  • Hear simple & easy to understand explanations.
  • See keys to decoding the disease process of some serious conditions….and much more!

Registration includes mixed media with recordings and “LIVE” Interactive Virtual Classes.

Here is what you get: 

  • 6  Virtual Full Day Presentations
  • 3 “LIVE” Virtual Study Hall Q&A’s
  • 6 Virtual Core Tutorials (Featured topics, covering the most common complaints and ailments.)
  • Access to the online e-learning portal for 1 year from date of purchase, including Replays, Recordings, Handouts, Workbooks, Glossary, All Course Materials and Private Student Forum.

Time: Enrol today and get started immediately.  “Live” dates are provided on a rotating schedule throughout the year.

Meet Your Instructor: Grace Sedstrem | Associate Lecturer

Grace Sedstrem is a 9 year veteran of GNM, mother of 4 and has had the privilege and honour of working closely with Ilsedora Laker.  Her background in training leaders in the wellness industry, for both National and International Companies, still left certain things unexplained.  She found the missing keys in the GNM.

I believe change is inevitable, GROWTH is a CHOICE!  I believe we don’t just “go” through life, we “grow” through life! Mentoring from Ilsedora Laker has taught me GNM in an easy to grasp way that is organized. Detailed. Efficient. Precise. Methodical. These traits assure students get an unprecedented window of clarity and a profound commitment to diligence for a rich student centered learning experience.

Key Information:

  • What is the cost? $800.00* CAD all-inclusive OR $305.00* CAD monthly instalments for 3 months (*Canadian Residents + HST) This  series comes at a savings!  Limited spaces. 
  • When is the registration deadline?  We ask you to register by clicking the link below and following the instructions. The registration is open and revolving.  We are currently accepting new students.
  • How do I pay?  After filling out the Student Application, we will send you an email with your Training Offer, Student Agreement and Invoice.
  • What do I need to participate?  Stable internet, commitment and curiosity, 2-hours/week to review materials, and for the best experience we recommend a laptop or PC.  Lastly, an open mind for yourself and compassion for others!
  • What if I cannot attend all the classes? Life happens and this course is designed to allow students to have success as you can study at your own pace.  Live classes are recorded so if you miss them you can watch the reply at your convenience..  Access to all the resources from the virtual classroom are available in our online portal. This includes visual resources, a glossary, a student forum, video recordings and much more!
  • What if I have no previous training? This is a beginners course designed for layman, families, working professionals who are new to GNM and who do not have any medical or wholistic health background. It can even be an advantage if you come with a ‘clean slate’.

What are you waiting for?  Come explore the science of biological programming with a group of likeminded people who share a passion for learning and doing life together in a wholesome way that is grounded in practical truth and empirically proven! I can’t wait to meet you!

Note: All courses are delivered digitally and as such are non-refundable.  Please refer to our FAQ’s on this site for in-depth details about commonly asked questions, as well as our terms and conditions.

Program Cost: $800.00 CAD or $305.00 CAD (x3)

What are you waiting for? Apply Now!

We look forward to seeing you inside the training!