GNM Clinician Certification Program

Course Overview

The GNM Clinician Certification is reserved for students who have successfully completed the GNM Intermediate Level Diploma Program ( which includes, GNM for Health Care Professionals curriculum, passing the GNM Exam and Anatomy & Physiology accreditation).

The GNM Clinician Certification is an advanced course of study that develops the students’ skills in order to deepen the application of the GNM in clinical practice. This training reveals not only the latest developments discovered by Dr. R. G. Hamer but delivers in-depth instruction never before available in a GNM classroom.

The 600 + new slides of never before presented material is delivered through online instruction with Ilsedora Laker,  recommended at a pace of one day per month. It is vital students take the time to integrate this new information as it builds upon what is taught in the intermediate level.

Students currently enrolled in the GNM For Health Care Professionals who are completing their studies and who wish to participate in the Fall 2024 GNM Clinician Practicum must complete the Lecture Series presentations and pass the associated mid-term examination in order to move into the Practicum portion of their studies.

The GNM Clinician Certification Program includes intense one-on-one instruction with each student on how to use the GNM in practice during the Practicum.  There is a written exam on the Lecture Series presentations, plus during the practicum students are given oral exams, essays and project work where students must demonstrate they know how to work with their patients.

Passing the clinician exams with a minimum of 75% is required by students to be awarded the “Certified Clinician” diploma and for the student to qualify to become a member of the GNM Clinician’s Association.

Courses on CT analysis are also optional and are a separate level of certification for the GNM Clinician, which includes the art of CT evaluation according to Dr. Hamer’s discovery.

Program Description:

The certified GNM Clinician Program is a one-of-a-kind GNM qualification never before available to students around the world.
After completing the intermediary diploma courses, GNM for Health Care Professionals along with Anatomy and Physiology accreditation, the CCP student is taught through both demonstration and case studies how to use the GNM in practice.

Solid GNM science mixed with the artistry of applying GNM correctly requires exact precision as well as an ongoing commitment from students to maintain a clinical practice.  If maintaining a clinical practice is not possible the student can participate in the study of the curriculum but their designation will remain at the diploma level, not the clinician level.

Courses on brain CT analysis will also be optional.  This separate level of GNM Certified Clinician will be established to include the art of brain CT evaluation according to Dr. Hamer’s discovery.

Requirements For Certified GNM Clinician Graduates:

Successful graduates of the certified GNM Clinician program will receive the designation of ‘Certified GNM Clinician’, however to maintain their status, graduates will be required to submit case studies annually and attend advanced training regularly as specified by the GNM Institute.

After graduation all Certified Clinicians are required to join the GNM Clinician’s Association where, in order to maintain their standing, they are required to submit case studies per year that fulfill the criteria used by Dr. Hamer to establish his findings.  These case studies become part of the research database for Certified Clinicians giving all other qualified peers the opportunity to learn from one another and advance the research arm of the GNM Institute.

Graduates are required to attend post graduate courses specified by the school in order to remain up-to-date and advance their working know-how and knowledge. This is mandated in order to maintain their certified GNM Clinician designation.  (Note: If maintaining a clinical practice is not possible a graduate designation simply reverts back to the intermediate diploma level but they are always welcome to participate and continue their clinician education.)

Note: All courses are delivered digitally and as such are non-refundable.  Please refer to our FAQ’s on this site for in-depth details about commonly asked questions, as well as our terms and conditions.

Program Cost: $3598.00 CAD

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