The Germanic New Medicine – Die Germanische Heilkunde

A New Era in Medicine

In 1981 Dr. Hamer discovered the first biological law “The Iron Rule of Cancer”. Now, 40 years later we are entering into a new era where the old belief systems in medicine have become so challenged that they can no longer provide us with answers to the cause and treatment of diseases. As a result people are looking into other directions for those answers and solutions.

It was Dr. Hamer’s vision to establish a school of the “Germanische Heilkunde” prior to his passing but unfortunately the obstacles in the country where he resided in exile were too challenging to successfully create a university dedicated to teaching his discovery.

The curriculum for “The GNM Institute for Education and Research” is based on how Dr. Hamer’s original “University of Sandefjord” would have been established.

It was his intention to teach courses at various levels so that everyone, regardless of background or medical philosophy could benefit from this knowledge.

The courses of the GNM Institute are organized in such a way that an individual with no medical knowledge can, with some determination and added prerequisite courses, enter into the GNM Clinician Certification Program.

The Germanische Heilkunde has provided us with the answers we have been looking for and now thankfully we are able to offer courses to people of all walks of life regardless of background or education.

Our courses are the starting point for everyone eager to pursue a career in the German New Medicine or to be able to incorporate this new understanding of the disease process into their existing practice.

We are dedicated to provide a new level of understanding of all disease processes regardless of whether they are common ailments, chronic conditions or serious illnesses.

GNM Courses