• Melanoma And A Step In The Right Direction!
    By JP Mathiot. We cannot use the same level of consciousness that created a problem to solve it, and therefore GNM gives us the possibility to resolve our problems using a higher level of consciousness.
  • A New Birth Story, A New Health Story
    By Agustina Plos. There has been very few ‘one-way journeys’ in my life. The understanding of physiological birth has been one of them and, of course, the GNM has been another one. Once you have seen the new landscape, it’s impossible to turn around. A veil has lifted. What if we started to see disease in the same way as birth, that is, as a physiological process?
  • Taking the Fear Out Of Cancer
    By Philippe Lapointe, GNM Certified Clinician. GNM has had a profound impact on the way we understand biology and “disease”. It has turned the prevalent medical paradigm on its head, by exposing its foundational theories not only as unproven but as the opposite of how things actually are.
  • Reunited And It Feels So Good!
    By Sarah Alexander, GNM Certified Clinician “Juno and Thunder have pink eye”, my friend said. My ears pricked up. Having known about Dr. Hamer and German New Medicine for approximately three years, and ...
  • A Message From Our Dean
    It is my great pleasure to announce that the first group of GNM Clinicians...