3. GNM Simplified “Essentials For Everyone”



GNM is for Everyone!  Even young children can grasp the concepts and benefit from this common sense understanding.

This training is offered to families and laypersons without any previous medical training. Many health care professionals also find this gives them a solid introduction to this vast body of knowledge.

You can gain a working knowledge of the GNM through a simple understanding of the Five Biological Laws with easy to understand explanations.   Do you want to go beyond learning what GNM is?  Do you also want the know-how to unravel the cause of common conditions?

Insights on common symptoms, as well as the disease process of some serious conditions equips the learner with a solid foundation to live in harmony with nature incorporate the GNM into their everyday lives.

Why GNM? The GNM eases fear, downgrades anxiety and answers difficult questions in a simple, straightforward manner. Regardless of your chosen profession or current health status anyone can embark on the journey of discovering GNM in day-to-day living.

Learning about GNM is so much more fun when the whole family gets involved. Relationships are enriched and deeper understanding of domestic dynamics brings refreshing insights everyone can benefit from.  Even your pets can benefit when you begin to see them through GNM eyes.

Whether you are a curious life long learner or here to support a family member or friend with a serious health diagnosis these basic training video lessons will help you to understand how the 5 Biological Laws work to bring healing and wholeness to our lives.

The place to begin is with Lesson 1: The GNM Basics

  • What is GNM and how it was discovered?
  • Who can benefit from GNM and how can it help?
  • GNM Vocabulary.
  • An Overview of the Five (5) Biological Laws.


GRACE SEDSTREM – Author | Speaker | Trainer

A turning point came for Grace personally and professionally when her youngest son faced life-threatening circumstances that eclectic natural medicine and traditional allopathic medicine failed to stabilize.

Grace was led to study German New Medicine with Ilsedora Laker, which changed the course of her sons’ life and her career.

This vast work captivates her as she has continued to dig in, learning to apply the GNM in day-to-day living, clinical practice, and sharing this learning with small groups.

Teaching has always been the cornerstone of Grace’s career, being an effective communicator is one of her greatest strengths.  She has been training leaders in both National and International Companies in the areas of planning, marketing, holistic healing methods and the ancient healing arts for two decades.  Her experience to date not only includes actively serving clients in a clinical environment, but as a life-long learner herself, she enthusiastically pursues ongoing mentoring with Ilsedora Laker.