5. GNM Intermediate Level Diploma Exam | Clinician Entrance Exam




This exam is open to students who have completed the GNM For Health Care Professionals course curriculum and who are seeking accreditation.

Upon completing the GNM For Health Care Professionals three modules and 40 hours of video training,  you are eligible to take this examination.

There is only ONE opportunity to re-take this exam if you score less than 75%.

It is recommended the student thoroughly review their lesson notes and all the videos a second time before writing the exam to ensure they have a firm grasp of the content and can produce answers to questions within a timely manner.

The exam is timed and the portal will close after 3 hours.

**Please Note** To be awarded the GNM Intermediate Level Diploma the student must pass this examination with a grade of 75%  or higher PLUS have one of the following:

1) Documented proof of previous training and qualification in anatomy and physiology (ie. RMT, medical doctor, naturopath, phsiotherapist, OT, nutritionist, etc.)

2) Successfully pass the Anatomy & Physiology Exam available on edu.gnminstitute.com

COST $200.00 CAD