2. GNM For Health Care Professionals




Do you want a deeper understanding of the GNM?  If you answered yes, then you are in the right place!  This course is for anyone, layman and professionals alike who wish to have a deeper understanding of how to use the GNM.  This vast body of knowledge is broken down into bite size pieces that are easy to understand while maintaining the integrity of Dr Hamer’s work.
Three modules, with 36 hours of instruction provide immediate insights for using the GNM in your everyday life.  Layman, as well as medical professionals, such as family physicians, RN’s, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, homeopaths, osteopaths, massage therapists and more, report that the clear, concrete case studies make the GNM come alive.
This course guarantees to give you a clinical understanding of the material that is quick to grasp because the instructor, Ilsedora Laker, is a clinician herself with over 30 years experience.
Module One:

This group of 18 training videos creates an overview and basic working knowledge of each subject matter.  The student gains the fundamental principles necessary for them to be able to use the GNM within their own lives and the lives of their patients.  “Applying” the GNM in day-to-day casework requires much more than simply referencing the Scientific Chart.  This module lays the groundwork for students to develop a correct, accurate understanding of the basics of the GNM.  When completed the student will have a solid new comprehension of how human evolution relates and governs any disease process, as well as, the kind of programs that can develop as a result of our experiences whether these are in relationships to one another, our environment or a group setting.

Module Two:

Understanding microbes and their role, function and purpose is critical to having success when working with a client/patient. This module has 7 training videos, which explore and explain the roles of bacteria, fungus, and so-called virus and how they are there to aid the healing process of the body. Myths, hypothesis and old assumptions are debunked and the student has the insight needed to guide clients/patients to better outcomes through this imperative eye-opener.

Module Three:

This final module delivers 5 training videos that augment the learner journey with pertinent considerations and key insights equipping the student with a well-rounded foundation to begin working with GNM. The material covered builds upon previous topics but takes the pupil into a deeper knowledge of the mechanisms and workings of the cerebrum, hearing conflicts, as well as, the invaluable GNM awareness where heart disease is concerned.

Each lesson builds on the ones before it therefore there is no skipping ahead, you must watch them in the sequence and order specified.  Please ensure you read through all the FAQ’s on this website before purchasing this course.  All sales are final as this is a digital product delivered immediately to your inbox.


The GNM For Health Care Professionals, is the core curriculum for the GNM Intermediate Level Diploma.  If you are seeking accreditation it is crucial to review this material in depth and in the order it is provided.  At the end of the course you may take the GNM Intermediate Level Diploma Exam.  Passing this examination is a prerequisite to continue onto the advanced level courses to become a certified GNM Clinician.

Everyone who purchases and studies the GNM For Health Care Professionals is welcome to take the GNM Intermediate Level Diploma Exam, however, to be awarded the Intermediate Level Diploma the student must have a background in Anatomy and Physiology and submit proof of this by clicking here and uploading your documentation.

For students who do not have a background in Anatomy and Physiology we have a solution for you!  Please email enquiry @ gnminstitute.com and ask us how.

Note: All courses are delivered digitally and as such are non-refundable.  Please refer to our FAQ’s on this site for in-depth details about commonly asked questions, as well as our terms and conditions.

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