7. GNM Certified Clinician | Continuing Education Unit




The CEU Sessions are held on either a Saturday or Sunday.  Presentations will include but are not limited to;

  • ✓Taking a closer look at each aspect of the GNM Assessment process through demonstrating with new case studies, the role and methodology of cycles, the patient interview process, how to prepare your research, interpreting labs with a GNM lens and much more!
  • ✓Question and Answer Period
  • ✓Support for clinicians with their casework
  • ✓GNM and Serious Diagnoses (e.g. Leukaemia)

These CEU Sessions will count toward maintaining your accreditation with the Association for GNM Certified Clinicians.  A minimum attendance of 4-CEU’s per calendar year will be a mandatory requirement to maintain you GNM Certified Clinician status.

Please Note: By making this purchase you are gaining access to “one” CEU Session.  Each CEU Session cost is $350.00 CAD (+HST for Canadians)