Taking the Fear Out Of Cancer

By Philippe Lapointe, GNM Certified Clinician

The German New Medicine (GNM) has had a profound impact on the way we understand biology and “disease”.  It has turned the prevalent medical paradigm on its head, by exposing its foundational theories not only as unproven but as the opposite of how things actually are.  The role of microbes in the disease process is one example of this. They have been found to assist the body to heal rather than cause it to become sick.

The transformative power of the GNM, however, ultimately manifests at the individual level.  We experience it when our symptoms naturally disappear after finding the DHS and the associated tracks.  This is what, in the end demonstrates the usefulness of the GNM.  But in a more fundamental way, I believe one of its most important contributions is its capacity to greatly reduce, even eliminate, the fear that can be associated with disease.

This was my experience when I discovered it. Even though I did not have an important illness, the fear of getting one was significantly attenuated.

With its five biological laws, the GNM explained what was happening in our body when symptoms manifested. There was a cause, a progression and a conclusion. These symptoms were part of a Special Biological Program of nature which was activated by the brain only to help us survive. This was the reason for the existence of disease, outside of poisoning. It was part of the intelligence of nature. It was not a mistake of nature. 

Because disease finally made sense, I realized that it was not this terrible thing, always lurking, which  could randomly strike us at any moment.

Of course, there can still be pain or discomfort in the process, but by knowing exactly what is going on in the body and why, people gain confidence and go through it in a more accepting state of mind. This allows in turn for a smoother overall experience.

No other medical paradigm can compete with these discoveries. Traditional medicine’s interpretation of the nature of disease can and does only generate fear. It perceives it as having no purpose and associates it with danger. This association is also made in natural medicine, but because its approach is softer and more holistic, it is better at reducing the level of fear patients experience. However, it cannot completely take fear out of the equation. Only the GNM has that capacity.

The reality is, though, that traditional medicine’s interpretation of disease remains dominant, and therefore, many people who turn to the GNM may still experience fear to various degrees. That can greatly interfere with their healing process, especially when they feel their survival is threatened. This is why I think one of the most important aspects of our work as a GNM Certified Clinician is to diffuse fear. In doing so, we not only help our clients, but we also erode mainstream medicine’s narrative. In time, I believe this could potentially make the fear of Special Biological Programs of nature a thing of the past.