Reunited And It Feels So Good!

By Sarah Alexander, GNM Certified Clinician

Juno and Thunder have pink eye”, my friend said.

My ears pricked up.

Having known about Dr. Hamer and German New Medicine for approximately three years, and with my studies so far, I am aware that ‘pink eye’, relating to the conjunctiva, is the healing phase of a separation from sight conflict. The conjunctiva is of ectodermal origin and is associated with the cerebral cortex. The separation from sight is likely to relate to an unwanted separation, however, it can also present when there is the resolution of a wanted/desired separation from sight.

The First Biological Law, Dr Hamer’s ‘Iron Rule of Cancer’ states, that, no illness, outside of poisoning can occur without an unanticipated and unexpected biological shock that is highly acute, dramatic and isolating that occurs on the level of the psyche, brain and organ. There should be an important distinction between the shock being viewed as biological rather than purely psychological or emotional as it is often outside of conscious awareness.

Specific to the conjunctiva and the conflict of a visual separation, in the conflict active phase after the biological shock, ulcerations appear in the conjunctiva and the eyelids. Once the resolution occurs (ie: the missing loved one is returned to sight), redness and inflammation of the eyelids occur (conjunctivitis) in the healing phase.

Now for some more of the story.

My friend and her husband had bred a litter of puppies. They decided to keep one of the pups and the rest were adopted by loving families. The owner of one of the adopted pups was going on a holiday and it was prearranged that my friend would take the pup back to care for it for the short time they were away.

I asked my friend more questions about their condition.

Juno, the dam, had conjunctivitis in both of her eyes, and my friends pup, Thunder, had conjunctivitis in his right eye. The adopted pup that was being cared for, Raptor, showed no symptoms.

I asked which eye it started in with Juno.

Her left” was my friends response.

It should be mentioned at this point that this is a conflict in which laterality applies. Laterality is the ‘handedness’ of a human or animal, which is determined at the moment in time where there is the first cell division of the embryo.

For a right-handed human and right-pawed animal, the right side of the body relates to ‘partner’, meaning someone who is of significant relation to them (other than mother and

child/pup), and the left side of the body relates to mother and child/pup. It is vice versa for a left-handed human and left-pawed animal.

There are a number of physical movement tests and physical observations in which laterality can be determined. Juno and Thunder commonly lead with their right paw and go to tap objects with their right paw. These observations strongly indicate that they are both biologically right pawed dogs.

With the conjunctivitis appearing in Juno’s left eye first, this relates to being reunited with her pup that was adopted out, Raptor. The reason that both eyes may be affected in some cases relates to humans and mammals ‘seeing’ with both eyes, but particular attention should be on the eye where the inflammation and symptoms began.

Thunder’s conjunctivitis was contained to his right eye, with Raptor being a significant ‘partner’ for him as his brother and littermate.

Both Juno and Thunder recovered well and the healing phase was able to run its course, naturally and completely.

The more case studies that are compiled and shared that prove Dr. Hamer’s work may spark the curiosity of more and more members of the public, as well as healthcare and veterinary professionals to open up to German New Medicine and the 5 Biological Laws, offering a scientific and new approach to the investigation and healing of symptoms and conditions.

From witnessing German New Medicine ‘in action’ and over time, one can truly marvel at the wisdom and the accuracy of the incredible discoveries of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer and how they are a tremendous service to humanity.