Melanoma And A Step In The Right Direction!

By Jean-Paul Mathiot, Certified GNM Clinician

Why did I choose GNM as a profession?

When I lost my mum unexpectedly a fuse blew in my brain and my world turned upside down and inside out. In a split second, I “lost” my mind, my identity (psychodynamic) and ego structure “collapsed” and I experienced myself as a nobody. It was just me and something that I cannot explain using words, so for the lack of better expression, I would explain it as an emptiness. In fact, there was no me, the me was the emptiness and I was catapulted to a place in that emptiness where I could see my story, my past incarnations and I acquired a 6th sense that have stayed me ever since and I call it ‘mum’. I believe that this is the intuition that many people speak of. In that place and with this new sense, I experienced myself writing all of my incarnations, like scripts of a play, and I remembered that I wrote mine to be extremely difficult and I understood that the more difficult I wrote mine, the quicker I would be liberated from my karma (pain, suffering, trauma, conflicts), I saw how intrinsically connected the 5 Biological Laws are to the universal karmic law of the cosmos.

This helped me to at least understand why people attract the conflicts and the ‘diseases’ and suffering they experience, why some people heal easily, why some struggle on their healing journey, and why some people do not make it. This understanding put me in a position to always be in the awareness beyond my mind when working with an individual which helps me to have a sense of their karmic path and their story unfolding. Every now and then, during a session in the silence, between the words, I get a sneak peak of their karmic journey which helps me to guide the dance. There is a delicate balance between unlocking their conflicts and not intefering with their karmic path.

At the GNM Institute we are not only learning the latest developments discovered by Dr. Hamer, but Ilsedora is also training us, the students in how to deepen the application of the GNM which is an art form to be mastered with practice and experience. Accuracy, precision, gentleness, compassion, and attention are some of the qualities that Ilsedora demonstrates when she teaches and practices at the GNM Institute. We are learning about this extraordinary way of bringing the patients into the dance of the 5 Biological Laws and how to lead the dance to the required outcome of the patients’ journey. Listen to their story, listen to their subconscious mind and find a way in and help them unlock the conflicts.

My melanoma story

GNM works, but we need to do the homework. 

You have to live in an awareness where you able able to see yourself being, thinking, acting and also most importantly surrendering; allowing the body to express itself with its own intelligence (the 5 Biological Laws).

When we experience a conflict in the psyche, for as long as it’s unconscious and unaddressed and we are unaware, our biology/body will respond in a very specific way. “The body speaks”, Ilsedora Laker.

The biology will continue to respond to tracks by expressing symptoms until we consciously connect with the subconscious conflict to “release” it and its tracks.

We make the unconscious, conscious.  Then the body also relaxes because it no longer needs to adapt. If the psyche is free, the body is also free. 

Imagine our lives being a stretched rope from conception on which we experience life events. Another way to put this is, there are no coincidences in life and everything we do or that happens is preparing us for the next thing. Everything on this rope links to each other in one way or another and everything is relevant.

My mum passed away unexpectedly in 2013. At the time, I lived in Australia, and she lived in my birth country. I was travelling around Australia at the time when I received the news. I still remember the shock especially because of the circumstances of her death. They found her body in her house, and I won’t go into much more details here. That was a shock in itself because my mum was only 50 years old and in good health. Receiving the news that she has passed wasn’t THE DHS responsible for the melanoma under my right foot though.

After 2 days of travelling, I arrived home and I was taken to her house where she had passed. I won’t go into much detail again here, but for the reader to understand what I met the “scene of the crime”, it will suffice to say that my mum’s body was found a few days after she had died. My right foot is my leading foot. The conflict responsible for melanoma is feeling soiled, dirty or deformed.

Also, being touched and feeling dirty and soiled. It will develop on that area where the feeling dirty, deformed or soiled was felt. As I stepped into my mum’s house where they found the body, I used my right foot as I am right-handed and my right foot is my leading foot, that’s when I received the feeling soiled conflict. However, it was a feeling of being soiled with a specific nuance “I shouldn’t be stepping into the place where they found my mum’s body, this is sacred ground”, that is when the conflict was registered. My family and I decided to clean the house, we all had boots on and properly geared but it just didn’t feel right. As we are taught at the Institute, it is the second time we experience a DHS of a similar nature that we will have a physical or psychological manifestation. Honestly, I do not recall exactly when the melanoma under my right foot started to manifest but I do recall noticing a couple of black ‘marks’ under my foot sometime in 2017. At the time, I was going to the gym every morning and I always felt “soiled” under my feet walking into the dirty gym shower. I realised around then that it was indeed a melanoma under my right foot, they even looked like a water marks. This is also an important clue because there was water involved in my mum’s house in 2013, too, as at the gym. Sometime in early 2018, I changed gym and that is when the melanoma started to change its texture.

Remember that the skin is comprised of 2 germ layers controlled by 2 different areas of the brain.

The corium skin which is derived from the mesodermal germ layer, the old mesoderm, and the epidermis which is made of the squamous epithelum and is derived from the ectodermal germ layer.

Since the melanoma is from the old mesoderm, there is cell growth during the conflict active phase and tissue break down with mycobacteria or fungi during the healing phase. The biological purpose for the growth is to create a layer of protection from where the individual felt soiled.

The programming conflict was stepping into my mum’s house where we needed to clean and there was water involved, in 2017 when I started at the new gym with the dirty shower was the moment when the programming conflict was reawakened. Keeping the above paragraph in mind, changing the old gym to a gym with clean showers was a resolution to the soiled conflict and that is when I started to notice the change in texture. In 2019, the melanoma had become light brown in colour and there was no further change to its texture.

During the Clinician course, I revisited the melanoma with my GNM Teacher, Ilsedora Laker, and this is when she pointed out the specific nuance of “I shouldn’t be stepping into the place where they found my mum’s body, this is sacred ground”, and after the session the melanoma became even a lighter brown ‘scar’. I still remember the goosebump moments during the session when Ilsedora mentioned the nuance, and I felt something heavy lifted off my psyche. I felt free.

In 2023, as I was going through some other biological programs, and it was also the 10th anniversary of my mum’s passing, I was thinking about her and missing her a lot, the melanoma re-awakened very briefly. However, as soon as all the right connections were made once again, it quickly started to fade.


Learning Germanic New Medicine (GNM) at the GNM Institute has been life changing. I have been able to help my loved ones, people in my community and many clients. Ilsedora teaches a very specific methodology that helps us unearth the programming conflict and understand the nuance to the conflict. This is when you can truly release the conflict. GNM is the Truth and for as long as something is Truth, it will prevail. We cannot use the same level of consciousness that created a problem to solve it, and therefore GNM gives us the possibility to resolve our problems using a higher level of consciousness.

Thank you for reading.