A Message From Our Dean

Mission Statement: The purpose of the GNM Institute for Education and Research is to provide and teach accurate information regarding the research of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer founder of the ”Germanische Heilkunde” and to continue his empirical research using the criteria established within the Five Biological Laws.

Hello everyone, 

It is my great pleasure to announce that the first group of GNM Clinicians have now graduated from the GNM Institute.  Please follow this link for their names and contact information.

The Purpose of the GNM Institute for Education and Research.

The primary focus of establishing the GNM Institute was to set a standard of education and the true practice of the GNM. Until now no one has managed to create a course dedicated to teaching how to use the GNM correctly with their patients. 

What is a clinician?

A clinician is someone who works directly with patients in a specialized form of medicine. To become a clinician one must have proper training in their area of expertise. In this case, all graduates from the Institute ”Certified Clinician Program” receive training in the art of the practise of the Germanic New Medicine (Germanische Heilkunde). 

All graduates are encouraged to contribute to the research department of the GNM Institute but must follow all the criteria and standards set by Dr. Hamer while doing his own research. 

Can anyone successfully use the GNM to heal? 

The GNM was advertised as a “self help” modality by non-practitioners who purported to teach the work of Dr. Hamer. They used this as an advertising ploy to get people into their courses. 

It was clever but highly misleading and on top of that ultimately very damaging. For example, by doing so they encouraged patients with a serious diagnosis to try to heal just  using GNM without addressing the physical repercussions of their illness. 

Then of course not understanding the mental and emotional fragility of a patient who is living with such a diagnosis, they never address any of these vulnerabilities or encourage help when they need it. If the patient dies,  family members cry that it is the fault of the GNM, never mind that “this didn’t work”.

This philosophy of practice can be the undoing of the GNM if we do not set any standards to help a patient to recover which in some cases might mean some kind of medical intervention. 

Unfortunately, the GNM is still advertised as a “self help” modality by people that have never attempted to practice it or been correctly trained.

The way I see it, one might just as well read a book. Unfortunately the majority of information from Dr. Hamer is in languages other than English, and currently everything we had from his publishing house is now out of print. Of course this has set the scene for opportunism which is running rampant in the GNM community. 

Free E-books

As most of you that frequent my web sites already know, controlled opposition, not only opportunism has infiltrated the GNM community which is responsible for the dissemination of misinformation. There are several groups that have even changed the name to “Germanic Healing Knowledge”, or GHK. The purpose of this tactic is to dismantle correct information to the point where no one gets results. This removes all credibility from Dr. Hamer’s 36 years of meticulous research. 

The worst of the culprits is a book by Bjorn Eybl, a naturopath and massage therapist  who took Hamer’s information, embellished it with his own 2 cents worth, threw in a bunch of home remedies and made it available for free. It is also available in several languages.  Dr. Hamer attempted to sue Eybl for plagiarism but the court ruled against Dr. Hamer obviously because there were dramatic changes to his original research. 

More recently we see another free E-book on GNM, this time by Danny Carroll who took some seminars with me about 10 years ago. 

Carroll seems to think that by posting my name on his web site that this somehow qualifies him as an expert in GNM and gives him credibility when he only took my basic courses years ago. He’s another one that encourages his so called clients to download a free copy of Eybl’s book. 

So what are we looking at in this case? Is he just an opportunist or has he joined the dark side of controlled opposition that wishes Dr. Hamer’s work to disappear and be replaced by GHK? 

It seems that everyone and their uncle have written a book about GNM with the exception of myself. 

I am often asked why I haven’t got a book out as yet and the answer is that I have a very busy practice and work until 9 PM most weeknights and then teach on top of it. The new advanced courses for the Institute took 3 years to develop. But meanwhile every Tom, Dick and Danny came out with their own book. 

GNM Practitioners?

Since Dr. Hamer died in 2017 every possible kind of GNM practitioner has come out of the woodwork. Now we have GNM Coaches, GNM Consultants, GNM Therapists, GNM Educational Consultants, GNM Interpreters and of course a GNM Doctor. They are all unqualified in the practise of the GNM. 

I can guarantee you that the majority of these so called GNM practitioners don’t have a basic level of Anatomy and Physiology knowledge. So who are these people? These are questions that are never asked within the GNM community amongst themselves. They seem to believe that anything with a GNM title is credible.

If you ever come across anyone claiming to practice the GNM under any of those self-designated title’s, please know that they are the least knowledgeable and probably just took their information from non-credible sources. In other words, free information from the internet that they have woven into their chosen modality which is likely also not credible. 

There are some courses available in the GNM community that one must pay for that are also filled with misinformation, so buyer beware.  It is not only free information that is suspect but also paid for information. 

Setting a standard 

Needless to say that by setting a standard in the GNM community, these charlatans will eventually fall by the wayside and just either throw in the towel or if they are genuine in their endeavours, participate in the courses offered at the GNM Institute. 

That said, the GNM Institute like all other credible educational institutions, is also setting a standard within the GNM community by screening applicants who wish to take our courses regardless of what level of course they wish to participate in.

We have good reason to screen individuals because we have had scam artists misrepresenting themselves after having skimmed through our Health Care Practitioner’s course over a period of 12 days and immediately hanging a shingle proclaiming that they were a “GNM Practitioner” and had no shame in charging $150.- an hour. 

The Health Care Practitioners course does not entitle anyone to practice the GNM nor does it claim to, and yet some people try it on and hope that no one notices at the expense of the unsuspecting patient. 

In conclusion 

The “New Medicine” was discovered in 1981 by Dr. Hamer, it transformed as he made his discoveries and as a result of the challenges in his tumultuous life and subsequent exile from the country of his origin, it was eventually called the “Germanic New Medicine”. 

Towards the last years of his life it transformed once again to reflect his roots and he called it the “Germanische Heilkunde” which in English is simply translated is “Germanic Medicine”, not the GHK, which is a “spinoff” that surfaced after his passing. 

The need to establish a credible source of the true work of Dr. Hamer speaks for itself and if we accept anything less than that we are not only doing a grave injustice to Dr. Hamer’s work but also to the patients attracted to his new way of healing. 

Twenty two years ago when I asked Dr. Hamer to sign my copy of the very  first edition of the “Summary of the New Medicine” his original thesis,  which was translated by my team into English, he wrote “Dearest Ilsedora, My heartfelt thanks for all you do and continue to do for our patients.” 

The patient is and always was our priority and it is out of the greatest respect for Dr. Hamer’s work and the patient that the GNM Institute was established.